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Bible Heritage Waycross Georgia

Our doors are open to serve this area as a place of worship, discipleship, and fellowship.  Our church family loves to get together and eagerly look forward to new faces at each gathering.  Jesus Christ is calling us all to leave a normal life behind and pursue him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and body. 

Join us for worship services, prayer for our community, small groups, and in-depth teaching from God’s Word each week.

Join and Serve a Waycross Georgia Church Prayer Request from Bible Heritage Church in Waycross Georgia
Service Hours
Sunday 10:30am
Worship Service & Children’s Church

Tuesday 5:30pm

Wednesday 6:00pm
Bible Teaching & Bible Quiz (ages 5-15)

*Sunday Evening – Small Groups meet in homes with various times
Call or Email the church for more information.

1414 Albany Avenue
Waycross, GA  31503

1414 Albany Avenue Waycross, GA  31503 1-912-283-7710

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